Re-Furbished Photocopiers


BC Prints specialises in providing affordable refurbished photocopiers to London-based businesses, but many people are sceptical of refurbished or used business equipment.

Refurbished photocopiers of BC Prints are used or second-hand digital copiers that are no more than five years old. Our engineers thoroughly inspect each machine and perform a full service and part replacement as needed.


All refurbished photocopiers from BC Prints have been subjected to our stringent full service check, after which they are cleaned and outfitted with all new manufacturer-approved copier parts.

Our refurbished photocopiers are all modern copiers that can meet the needs of most businesses and individuals. We understand that you require dependable and consistent copier machines, but if your cash flow isn’t quite right or you’re put off by the high costs of new machines, our refurbished photocopiers are an excellent option for you.

It is critical to emphasise the significance and distinction between a used photocopier and a BC Prints Refurbished Photocopier. There is a significant and significant difference between a refurbished photocopier from BC Prints and one purchased directly from a general second hand purchase.

Although both types of photocopiers are clearly used, a refurbished photocopier purchased from BC Prints has undergone a thorough examination, service, cleaning, and re-fitting of any suspect parts. Our goal is to ensure that when you purchase a refurbished photocopier from BC Prints, your experience is as close to buying the copier brand new as possible.


Our refurbished photocopiers come with a service guarantee, which means that the copier is guaranteed to last for a certain period of time and that BC Prints will replace the copier if it fails to meet our guarantee.

In general, refurbished photocopiers cost approximately half the price of new machines while producing the same quantity and quality as many new machines.

If you would like to learn more about our refurbished copier service, please contact a member of our friendly team. Our advisors are knowledgeable and can assist you in finalising your refurbished photocopier requirements.

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