Re-Furbished Photocopier Sales

Photocopiers for sale that have been refurbished

We sell, install, and maintain refurbished photocopiers that have undergone a thorough reconditioning process by our experienced team of in-house engineers.

All of our refurbished photocopiers come with a 6-month warranty, giving you complete peace of mind that you will have no problems with your machine even if you buy a reconditioned printer and copier. If you do, you are eligible for our warranty.

How quickly could I receive a refurbished copier?

We have a warehouse full of reconditioned machines that are covered by our warranty. If you are in desperate need of a photocopier, these could all be delivered as soon as the next day.

What are The benefits of buying a used photocopier

  • Cost: The main advantage of purchasing a used photocopier is the cost savings over purchasing or leasing a new photocopier. A reconditioned machine can be a very low-cost photocopier option.
  • Impact on the environment: We no longer need to dispose of the machines in landfills. We can reduce our overall environmental impact by reusing the machines.
  • Print Quality: After going through our 35-step refurbishment process, you can be confident that your machine will produce the best print quality possible.
  • Efficiency: Like new photocopiers, our used photocopiers can be purchased through managed print services. The difference is that your monthly business outgoings will be much lower than if you purchased a new machine, but you will still receive everything, including our star service, consumables, and so on.

Will I be purchasing outdated technology?

No, we only supply machines that are still very much up to date in terms of technology. We make certain that any refurbished photocopier you buy from us meets your needs as a business. If we didn’t, you wouldn’t recommend us or become long-term customers, which is exactly who we’re looking for.

With a refurbished office printer from BC Prints, you can be confident that you are purchasing a highly reliable, high quality, reasonably priced machine that can provide all of the benefits you require to keep your business moving forward.

Service Contracts

We can provide you with a service contract that best suits you, not us, with a variety of flexible service contracts ranging from on-site emergency repairs to annual maintenance reviews to cost per copy contract agreements.