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Best Copiers Ltd website, like many others, employs the use of tiny files known as cookies to personalise your experience. Learn more about cookies and how to use them.

This page explains what cookies are, the cookies used by, how to disable cookies in your browser, how to disable third-party advertisement cookies, and where to find more information on the subject. Please contact if it does not include the details you need or if you have any additional questions about the use of cookies on

What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files saved on your device or mobile phone by your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Safari). They allow websites to save information such as user preferences. Cookies can be thought of as a website’s “memory,” allowing it to recognise a user and react appropriately.

How do we use Cookies?

Site performance cookies
This form of cookie saves your preferences for tools so you don’t have to re-enter them every time you visit. Here are some examples:
  • volume settings for our video player
  • whether you see the latest or the oldest article comments first
  • video streaming speeds that are compatible with your browser
Anonymous analytics cookies

An anonymous analytics cookie is produced every time a user visits our website using web analytics software provided by a third party. These cookies will tell us if you’ve previously visited the site.

If you don’t have these cookies, your browser will notify us, and if you don’t, we will create them for you. This enables us to keep track of how many unique users we have and how often they visit the site.

These cookies cannot be used to identify individuals unless you are logged in to; they are only used for statistical purposes. If you are logged in, we will also have access to the information you provided, such as your username and email address.

Geo-targeting cookies

These cookies are used by software that attempts to determine your country of origin based on information provided by your computer when it requests a web page. This cookie is totally anonymous and is only used to help target content and ads (for example, whether you see our UK or US home page).

Registration cookies

We create cookies when you register with to indicate whether you are signed in or not.

These cookies are used by our servers to determine which account you are signed in with and whether or not you are permitted access to a specific service. It also helps us to link your username to any comments you make.

If you don’t check the box to “keep me signed in,” your cookies will be removed when you close your browser or turn off your screen.

We combine information from your registration cookies with analytics cookies when you are logged into any of the sites, which we could use to recognise the pages you have visited on as a person.

Advertising cookies

These cookies allow us to determine whether you’ve seen an advertisement or a specific form of advertisement, as well as how long it’s been since you’ve seen it.

Cookies are also used to help with targeted advertisements. We can use third-party cookies to more precisely target ads to you, such as showing holiday advertisements to users who have recently visited our travel section. These cookies are anonymous; they save information about the content you’re viewing but not about you personally.

On some of the other places where we advertise, we also place anonymous cookies. If you accept one of those cookies, we may use it to recognise you as having visited that site when you visit later, and we may serve targeted ads based on that information.

Third party advertising cookie
A large portion of the ads you see on are produced by third parties. Some of these third parties use their own anonymous cookies to keep track of how many people have seen a specific ad or how many people have seen it several times.

These cookies are created by businesses with their own privacy policy, and has no access to read or write them. These third-party advertisement cookies could be used to secretly target advertising to you on other websites based on your visit to

Other Third Party Cookies

On some pages of, third parties may also set their own anonymous cookies, for the purposes of tracking the success of their application, or customising the application for you. Because of how cookies work, cannot access these cookies, nor can the third parties access the data in cookies used by

For example, when you share an article using a social media sharing button on, the social network that has created the button will record that you have done this.

How do I turn off cookies?

It is normally possible to prevent your browser from accepting cookies, or to prevent cookies from being accepted from a specific website. Without cookies, we wouldn’t be able to say if you’re logged in, so you wouldn’t be able to leave comments.

You can change the cookie settings in all modern browsers. These choices are usually included in your browser’s ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ tab. You may use your browser’s “Support” option for more details.

Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns about cookies.
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